The following fish fry, which are certified by production licence dated as 2 February 2015 and numbered as B.35.13.0097, are produced in our hatchery.

Sea bream

Family : Sparidae
Latin : Sparus auratus
English : Sea bream
Known As : Çipura, Alyanak, smaller called Lidaki


Sea bass

Family : Serranidae
Latin : Dicentrarchus labrax
English : Sea bass
Known As : İspendek (Yavru levrek)



Family : Scianidae
Latin : Argyrosomus regius
English : Meagre
Known As : Halili, Halile, Lut


Dentex- mus

Family : Sparidae
Latin : Dentex dentex
English : Dentex
Known As : Tongaba


Common Sea Bream

Family : Sparidae
Latin : Sparus pagrus Pagrus pagrus
English : Common Sea Bream
Known As : Yabani balık, Mercan




Family: Scianidae

Latin: Umbrina cirrosa

English: Common drum




Ocellaris Clownfish

Family : Pomacentridae
Latin : Amphipron ocellaris
English : Ocellaris Clownfish
Known As : Anemon, Nemo