About us


The company Akvatek Aqua Culture Inc. was initially an idea conceived in Izmir Karsıyaka in 1992.
In 1993, the first hatchery was established in a 700 thousand square meters of indoor area in İzmir Şakran. It had 150 thousand sea bass fry at that time.
This number doubled and reached 300 thousand in 1995.
In 1996, the company continued to carry on business by expanding its production area into 2000 m2.
The sea bass fry production reached 1 million in 1997.
A year later, in 1998, the company started to produce sea bream as well.
In 2004, it launched the first closed circuit system in the Turkish Aquaculture sector.
While the company operated in its premises in Sakran until the end of 2010, in 2011 it began production in the region of Çandarlı – Denizköy, whose projects and investment scheme had been completed in 2008.
In 2015, the company with its 29 employees REALIZES A DREAM by producing 7 different types of sea fish in a 8000 m2 of indoor area.

The company has been continually conducting R&D studies in order to break grounds in aquaculture fry production.
Our main goal is to consolidate technologial infrastructure and contribute to the range of fish in aquaculture. QUALITY is our primary principle followed by COST and QUANTITY in our studies.
We will always feel honoured to share our knowledge of production technology in order to SERVE THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY.

Research has revealed that the current range of fish will reduce due to overfishing and sea pollution caused by domestic and industrial waste.
It is inevitable that alternative sources should be seeked in order to meet the public’s need for protein.
Therefore, we are aiming to diversify our existing portfolio with sea fish which lend themselves to experimental fishing that has commercial value as well.